Intention and strategy

Website Design and Development

There are many things to think about when going into a website design and development project. There’s the overall style, strategy, functionality, and security to name a few also the future and whether or not your site will grow with you vs. re-designing down the road. Together, I help you bring your dream website to reality and I will be here from the start of your project and after.

Website Design and Development starts at $4800. Payment plans are available. 

Phase 1. Content Planning and Discovery:

Content drives design. With your branding strategy during this phase, we will use a website copy and website goal planner to really hone in on your story, your ideal client, and the future of business in relation to your website. I highly recommend having your branding in place before website design and development. Branding services are available through Nolen Creative or we can use your branding from another brand designer.

Phase 2. Wireframe:

In this phase, I will create the skeletal layout of your website, along with the navigation menu and user journey map, this is usually done on paper at first, (yes, I still use good old pencil and paper!) so I have a blueprint for the design phase.

Phase 3. Design:

This is the fun part, designing your website around your content. Using your branding guide and the blueprint created in phase 2, this is where your website comes to life and forms your story.

Phase 4. Development and SEO Prep:

Development of your site on WordPress, on desktop and mobile devices. SEO page headings will be set and recommended SEO tips given.

Phase 5. Testing and Proofing:

Testing the sites functionality on different devices and common screen sizes and making sure all functionality works based on the user journey map we created in Phase 2. Prep for going live. 

Phase 6. Go Live:

The website goes live on the domain woohoo! At this time, I create the additional items that you selected in your packages such as email addresses, analytics tracking, lead magnets, and maintenance plans (these items are part of specific packages or add-ons)

You will receive tutorial videos on how to maintain your website content and blog. All websites are hosted by Nolen Creative and come with 3 months of WordPress maintenance. 

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