story and vision

The Brand Design Process

Your business is more than a logo its tone, story, intention, and customer. Brand design is a process and can take up to 6 weeks of working together to create something that’s uniquely you.

“No two businesses are alike and your business is more than a logo, it’s your heart and soul and should reflect YOU as much as possible while capturing your ideal client”.

1. Research and Discovery:

We will spend a lot of time together during this phase, we will explore answers to questions that you may not even think to ask yourself. We will focus on your ideal client, your ideal client avatar, and how you see your business versus your competitor.

Journals on a desk with pencils laying on top

2. Style, Palette, and Fonts:

This is the fun artistic part that you will love. Over the space of a few weeks, you will collect images, fonts, and colors that resonate with you and we will dive deep into why you like them and how it translates to your ideal client avatar we created in phase one.

3. Your Brand:

This is my favorite part, putting together everything we have gathered to develop your brand starting with fonts, your logo, your color palette, and the ideal client for the big picture and where you want to take your business. Once you are happy and excited about your brand, I create a brand guide with all these elements so you have this to keep and refer to as well as your logo in various file types.

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